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officeworksThe Officeworks Geelong store are a strong supporter of the Caring For Our Bays program. They contribute to many aspects of the program and are viewed as being a local leader in sustainability. Each store has recycling facilities for eWaste, ink and toner cartridges, used mobiles and office paraphernalia including pens, coffee pods and other desk items. 

In addition to their baseline recycling system, the Geelong store have created a parking ticket waste disposal system to try and combat the amount of parking tickets found in stormwater drains. Drain stickers featuring some of the 'Be a Hero' species have also been installed on various drains around the parking lot to remind guests and customers about the pathway that litter can take through stormwater drains into our beautiful bays. 


Officeworks Geelong have also recently put their heads down and raised over $1,000 to go towards the Caring For Our Bays program. They are also aiming to have a CFOB and environmental focus during future corporate days.



For more information about Officeworks, visit their website:


Officeworks Geelong with drain sticker installed adjacent to parking ticket machines. These stickers were installed in the hopes of reminding visitors that stormwater litter makes its way into our beautiful bays. 


Officeworks Geelong have utilised CFOB signage and logos in order to encourage customers to dispose of parking ticket receipts responsibly.