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Online Learning Resources

In light of the Covid-19 Victorian Government measures, the Bellarine Catchment Network are offering free online learning resources for Primary School students in grades 3-6. The content is Victorian Curriculum linked for years 3-6 for:

  • Science Understanding (Science Curriculum)

  • Geographical Concepts and Skills (Science Curriculum)

  • Geographical Knowledge (Humanities> Geography Curriculum)


seagrass, wetland

Wetland habitats

Learn about some of the internationally important Ramsar wetlands on the Bellarine Peninsula.

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migratory bird, ramsar, obp

Migratory birds

Learn about our local migratory birds and the huge journey they can take each year. 

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Both topics are linked to our local community and the Ramsar Wetland sites around the Bellarine Peninsula.

Students can choose whether to research a migratory bird or Ramsar wetland site and will utilise information online either via the suggested sites or their own research. Included is access to an interactive online map showcasing wetland types in other parts of the world and how they link to our place. Students can choose how they present their work either as a written report, visual poster, video, power point presentation or other suitable delivery modes.

Our team would appreciate receiving feedback on the completed projects so that we can report our grant outcomes to the Victorian Government. A brief feedback template has been included for educators to fill out and can be emailed to

If you have any queries, difficulties or would simply like further resources please contact

Goodluck and Happy researching!


Global map

This global map highlights the Ramsar Coastal Wetlands of the Bellarine Peninsula, Western Alaska and north and east Russia/Siberia which are significant to migratory birds such as the Red-necked stint and Far-eastern Curlew.

Click on the bird icons to discover wetlands in other parts of the world and learn about their importance to migratory birds from our place and the connection to the Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar Sites.

This resource was developed to assist Primary School aged students to describe and explain the diverse characteristics of places in different locations (on a local and global scale) and to identify and explain the interconnections within places and between places.

Produced by The Bellarine Catchment Network (2020)