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Bellarine Catchment Network endeavour to educate in a varitey of ways. Educational posters are a great way to engage both children and adults in the natural world. Below is a selection of Bellarine Catchment Network posters available for open use.



The 'beachcomb' poster contains artefacts that you might find along any bay beach. The back denotes what each item is (common names only)

beachcomb poster 1  virtual beachcomb 2


Bush Heroes

To help raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and inland flora and fauna, we are creating 5 'Bush Hero species' including the Short-beaked Echidna, Blue-banded Bee, Jacky Dragon, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and the Bellarine Yellow Gum. Each 'hero' will feature on a range of educational materials for private and public as posters, bin stickers and signs to champion the protection of biodiversity.

We have worked hard to put together these posters with beautiful images and interesting facts about your winning (or favourite) Bush Hero species to showcase their special attributes and why they are good champions for biodiversity. These species are found on the Bellarine and rely upon highly biodiverse areas like the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, Point Richards and coastal dunes. These diverse habitats are one reason why the Bellarine was chosen as a Distinctive Area and Landscape and for prioritised for funding as part of the Victorian State Government’s Capital Grants program for protection from the pressures of over-use, over-development and climate change.  

Download a PDF copy of the first two Bush Heroes by clicking the images below. Use these posters to showcase these local hero species, to raise awareness about biodiversity and to show others how to take action to protect our unique animals and our distinctive areas.

blue banded bee echidna jacky dragon

bellarine yellow gum yellow tailed black cockatoo