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A major component to our program is the coordinating of remnant habitat protection and enhancement, revegetation and pest plant and animal control. All efforts are facilitated in conjunction with state and local government, committees of management and private landholders. 

The following outlines our ongoing biodiversity work around the Bellarine Peninsula.


Restoration and Revegetation

We facilitate restoration and revegetation effots at various sites across the Bellarine including:

  • Clifton Springs (Community/School Planting Days)
  • Fellows Road (Community Day and ongoing revegetation management)
  • The Narrows (Community/School Planting Days)
  • The Point (Community Planting Day and ongoing revegetation management)

Introduced Plants

Bellarine Catchment Network control invasive flora species at the following locations:

  • Fellows Road (Spiny Rush, grasses)
  • Leopold and Queenscliff Cemetery (woody weeds, grasses, bulbs)
  • The Bellarine Rail Trail (Gorse, Broome, Wild Watsonia)
  • The Narrows, Queenscliff (Polygala, Italian Buckthorn, Bridal Creeper, Boxthorn)
  • The Point, Queenscliff (Spiny Rush, Boxthorn, Gorse, grasses) 
indian myna

Introduced Animals

In previous years, Bellarine Catchment Network provided education and project delivery to help control and manage the impacts of the following introduced animals:

  • Rabbits (Bellarine Rail Trail rabbit warren destruction in partnership with Bellarine Landcare)
  • Indian Myna Control (in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong) - note that this program is not currently active.

Community Education

We aim to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of biodiversity and a health ecosystem. The following intiatives are just a snapshot of these opportunities:

  • Biodiversity In Your Backyard (event celebrating local artists, educators, etc)
  • Gardens 4 Wildlife (assisting residents to create wildlife friendly gardens)
  • Greening the Songline (Planting at Big Rock and other locations along the Songline)
  • Community Environment Days (Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale)

More Information 


Indigenous Nurseries in Geelong and the Bellarine

There are many nurseries in Geelong and the Bellarine that can provide commercial and individual buyers with locally indigenous plants.

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