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Bay Country App Launch!


In collaboration with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and Victorian State Government, we have launched the mobile app ‘Bay Country’. The app showcases the 10 Caring for our Bays hero species and introduces users to Wadawurrung language and culture. ‘Bay Country’ has been developed to increase community awareness about the negative impact that litter inflicts on wildlife, allowing users to discover interesting information about each species and the impacts that humans have on them. 'Bay Country’ provides users with the opportunity to learn some Wadawurrung language, followed by an English translation, and each Caring for our Bays hero species is recognized with Wadawurrung Language name and their cultural connection to the Wadawurrung people, Wadawurrung Country and waters.

Graeme O’Leary, president of the Bellarine Catchment Network, says of the new launch “It's wonderful news that we are ready to release the Bay Country App. I consider this a real milestone for BCN and a great educational option, not only for schools and our members, but also for the broader community in our long and exciting journey to connect those of us who live on the Bellarine to country. We feel very proud and privileged to be able to partner with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation in the development of the ‘Bay Country’ app as part of our Caring for our Bays Hero species project. This educational and informative app is designed for everyone, of all ages to connect with what surrounds us through Wadawurrung language, culture and traditional uses and to develop new perspectives, understanding, and appreciation for our local environment."


The ‘Bay Country’ app is available for download via the Apple store and Google Play for free.