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Bellarine Catchment Network

Community driven projects to protect and enhance the environmental values of the Bellarine


The Bellarine Catchment Network (BCN) comprises representatives from key catchment and coastal organisations (both government and non-government) with an integrated catchment management focus. This includes environment groups, 'Friends Of', Landmanagers, Landcare and Coastcare groups. BCN employees seven officers to implement the projects of the committee.


Our Vision

Healthy, flourishing and diverse ecosystems cared for by an aware and engaged community.


Our Mission

To be an integrated, inclusive and collaborative network that educates, facilitates, connects and empowers groups and individuals to care for the living things of the land and water of the Bellarine catchment.


Our Purpose

The purposes of the Association are to work on behalf of its members towards:

  1.  Healthy, well-connected and resilient wetlands, waterways and native vegetation ecosystems;
  2.  Sustainable agricultural and land management practices;
  3.  Healthy marine and coastal environments; and
  4.  A community which is engaged in protecting the natural environment and minimising threatening processes. 


5-year Strategic Plan

Bellarine Catchment Network created an inspiring strategic plan to help drive our vision and goals for the next 5 years, covering financial years from 2023-2028. 

To read our Strategic Plan, click here.