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We deliver many educational and engagement activities and events throughout the year. We work with the existing schools and organisations on the Bellarine to deliver educational events for free, but we can do offer our services to new or visiting schools at set prices. To get in contact with us about a booking, please email


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School Education

We have a long history of engaging with primary and secondary schools in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. We work with most schools on the Bellarine to deliver 'environment days' at the schools local beach, reserve or park, to help establish interactive, hands-on and placed-based learning. Our 'environment days' offer students a positive way to explore their backyard and learn to care for nature.  If you are a visiting school and want to book an excursion, please email


Community Education

Each year we work with land mangagers, councils and other agencies like Coastcare Victoria to deliver community-focused activities during school holidays. These activities aim to engage people of all ages and are usually beachcombs, rockpool rambles or bush/beach detectives, however activities can be tailored to a community group or organisation. These events are all free and participants receive brochures, posters and more. To book an education session with us, please email

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Corporate Events

We offer opportunities for private companies and organisations to book a corporate day with us, revolving around conservation works and understanding the natural world. We offer half-full day options that may include weeding, a beachcomb, waste and litter education, citizen science, birdwatching, plant propagation and litter clean ups. These days can be tailored to the organisations values and focus. To book a corporate day with us, please email