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Summer By The Sea Program 2016


  1. Community Involvement.  Engagement of Campers in Bellarine Bayside Caravan Parks, Residents of Northern Bellarine Towns and Vacationers
  2. Community Education and Awareness Raising Outcomes
  3. Program Learnings, Improvements and Follow up Activities
  4. Surf Club and Nippers Program
  5. Primary School Involvement in Environmental Activity



Project Component:

  1. Community Involvement


    1.1          Sub Category: Campers and Caravan Parks:

  • This program had objectives of involvement of a cross section of the community in the Northern Bellarine. 
  • The townships / areas prioritised were Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards, and this provided a good cross section of towns and communities.  Specifically Campers in the Bellarine Bayside Caravan Parks were identified as a target audience to engage in the activities.  The program set out to involve the campers in a various activities to have them engage in the local environment, and to learn more about the positive and negative impacts on the local natural assets.
  • Total caravan park and camper involvement is estimated at 80 children and adults


Left: Coastcare Challenge Game













1.2        Sub Category: Residents of Towns and Holiday Makers:


  • In order to involve the towns residents and holiday makers that reside in holiday rentals and towns accommodation a different approach was taken
  • Fliers were placed at strategic locations in Portarlington, Ste Leonards and Indented Head.  Added to this promotion through adverts in local papers and the Summer by the Sea On line promotions and booking system
  • In terms of results and interpretation of how many people participated in tis category, it is hard to establish.  However it is anticipated that the figure was approximately a third of the total numbers.  This put the figure at 50
  • Total number of participants across all areas total 150.


Left: Activity resources

















Project Component:

  1. Community Education and Awareness Raising


    1. Sub Category: RockPool Ramble and Beach Comb


  • The Rockpool Ramble and Beach comb was a combined activity located at Indented Head.  This was conducted on a perfect weather day on low tide
  • There were some pre-registrations, however most interest arose through the set up and pre beach walk and meeting beach users
  • Learning of this activity
  • 20 people registered with a number of others trailing along and watching / learning form the side.
  • It was a highly successful activity with 18 marine and foreshore species identified, and key learnings including, catchment care, litter, nutrients and sediments














2.2          Sub Category: Coastcare Challenge Course


  • The Coastcare Challenge Course is set up to involve youth between ages 7 to 15
  • Learning outcomes include;
    •  Litter, nutrient and sediment impacts
    • Weed impacts including Polygala, Bridal Creeper, Gorse, Flax Leaf Broom and other woody weeds
    • Native vegetation including Moonah, Coast Banksia and other indigenous Species
    • Protected and threatened species including Australian Fur Seal, Australian Gannett, Orange-bellied Parrot and other species
    • Dog impacts and dog poo impacts, waste, nutrients algal blooms
  • Two sets of teams undertake the Coastcare Challenge Course to ‘Learn through doing’ in a fun, interactive way. 
  • Messages and learnings are re-inforced at the end through getting the kids to report back on what they learnt i.e how long take it take plastic to break down, what issues can that cause to marine life.

Right: Coastcare game














2.3          Sub Category: Surf Club Program Activities

Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club (OGSLSC) Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club (PLSLSC)

  • This activity was a collaboration with the OGSLSC, Ocean Grove Coastcare Groups, PLSLSC and BCN.
  • The OGSLSC activity was conducted with Under 10’s which had 3 rotating groups. Total number were 70 Nippers

    The PLSLSC also included Under 10 Nippers.  This activity had approximately 80 Nippers with 3 groups

  • Included with this were numerous parents and Surf Club members who watched and participated in the activity.
  • The Nippers Environmental Education course covered learning outcomes including;

    Litter and waste including Dog Poo, plastics and the impact on the environment

    Threatened Species inc; Orange-bellied Parrot, Hooded Plover, Protected Species inc; Seal Species

Left: Surf club Nippers Enviro activity













2.3          Sub Category: Bellarine Schools Program


  • The Bellarine Schools Environment Program included the Summer By the Sea – Coastcare Schools Projects
  • This built on from our existing initiatives and consolidates the connection schools have with BCN
  • The schools involved in the SBTS – Coastcare Grant included;

    Ocean Grove Primary School – Coastcare Environment Day                                        – 70 Grade 4students

    Point Lonsdale Primary School – Caring For Our Bays Environment Day                   - 200 Students, all year levels

    Star of the Sea Primary School – Bonnyvale Wetlands Restoration Day                     - 60 students

    Clifton Springs – The Dell Coastcare Environment Day                                             - 100 Grade 4 students          

    Queenscliffe Primary School – Swan Bay and Bellarine Rail Trail Environment Day           - 10 Students

    Bellarine Secondary College Year 8 – environment Day                                           - 200 year 8 Students

    Portarlington and St Leonards Primary School – In development with Schools    - To be confirmed

                                                                                                                          Total = 640 students and many more parents and teachers

     Right: Uncle Bryan Powell Conducts Welcome to Country